Take a look around. You will find solution that add to your business new possibilities.


Every realization is a individual story. Let us tell you about few of them:

Beatbox Kids

Mobile application dedicated for kids that allows to create its own beatbox bits, watching video lessons and recording voice. Project Beatbox Kids helps children speak clearly and have fun.


Mobile application for iOS and Android that allows creating invoices and managing remotely other documents.


Mobile applications for iOS and Android dedicated to farmers, where they can find agricultural events divided into regions and agricultural industries.


We build not only mobile applications, but also trust:


Our goal is always the usability and simplicity of our products.

We design and create mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and also web applications. Our goal is always the usability and simplicity of our products. We help to optimize processes in our client’s organization by implementing mobile solutions which are designed to shorten them and simplify or reduce their costs. We believe that the recipe for successful application lies in the beginning - the design phase. We give it a lot of attention, because the next steps are based on it. As a result, our app develops your business and supports your idea at the level of each line of code and every finger tap on the screen of mobile device, without unnecessary elements.



Trusted people is the base of everything.

As a team we have worked together on various projects. We trust each other and we are ready to make sacrifices for the common good. Privately, we are of the same opinion, prosperity comes from hard work and commitment. Our passions are also important to us, because they not only allow us to get away from everyday life, but also they give us a chance to find new sources of creativity.


Łukasz Marjański

CEO | iOS | Frontend | Backend | Design

A perfectionist who appreciates the beauty of minimalism and he is a fan of technology. He collects consoles, old computers and games.


Ilona Leoniewska-Marjańska

Co-founder | Sales | Finance

A financier who loves history and strategic computer games. She can not live without sport and books.


Kamil Brzeziński

Co-founder | Android | Backend

He is a hard working engineer and a man with great common sense. He can easily use his knowledge to work and he still looking for better and better solutions.


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